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Spearhead Hiring Success With Effortless and Engaging Interview Scheduling Experience

Learn how Sensata Technologies, one of the leading industrial technology providers, empower its recruiting team to move away from manual work and effortlessly provide engaging candidate experience throughout their recruiting process.

Hear More From Our Customers

We love the spreadsheet, can email and follow-up with candidates easily. We have also received many great and positive responses from the candidates post-events. The Customer Support team has been super responsive and helpful via phone, intercom, and email. I would give them 10/10.

Jasleen K. Bains

Senior Recruiter at Amica

Rakuna really takes into consideration and integrate a lot of improvements that we suggest – it’s a good partnership.

Michael Armstrong

Campus Recruiting Team Leader at Southern Company

I love it, I love it so much! With Rakuna, I handled 100+ candidates all on my own at the event and everything still went really smoothly. I can’t imagine not having this app with me at events. I’ll definitely need this app when I go out to recruit.

Nicole Mincin

Recruiter at Applied Materials

I really love Rakuna. It’s very easy to use, I like that the team can have students fill out all their information and just pass them along to our recruiters.

Meghan Young

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at Sensata Technologies

I think Rakuna implementation was a huge success for us this season, not just in how we track the data but also in how we document things and have the candidates’ profiles in the system. Save so much Time & Energy!

Macey Robertson

Senior Campus Talent Acquisition Specialist at Klein Tools