楽な (Japanese) /rǎkuːnə/
(Adj) Easy, Effortless

Our Mission

Rakuna is on a mission to help employers adapt to the ever-changing recruiting landscape and hire the next wave of talents. No matter where you are in the recruiting funnel, Rakuna got you covered. New hire generations come fast, so never miss an opportunity to capture them!

Our Vision

Rakuna aims to be the leading HR-tech solutions provider for employers. We at Rakuna are avid believers in the transformative power of technology. We want our customers to experience the potential our recruiting solutions can bring to their recruitment programs, no matter the scale.

Company History

In early 2015, at a small Minnesota office, our first solution took its first breath as a simple mobile app with one single feature: taking resume snapshots, and so began our incredible journey to empower companies to hire their next wave of talents.

Founded in Minnesota – 2015 with our headquarter set in San Francisco, Rakuna was awarded a National Science Foundation grant. The board of advisors was set up in the same year with top leaders from various industries.

With an expansion plan in mind, Rakuna opened its Asia Pacific office (APAC) in 2016 to increase our ability to develop and bring more innovative recruiting solutions to more organizations.

Two new products were piloted in 2018: Interview Scheduling and Recruiting CRM as the last pieces of the pre-ATS ecosystem puzzle. Since then,

Rakuna has helped hi-tech companies, finance firms, and heavy-industrial corporations, eliminating manual HR work offline and online.

Rakuna, like many other companies, weathered the storm created by the global pandemic. Refusing to lay off a single employee due to the pandemic, we instead focus our efforts on improving our solutions.

Rakuna’s story is only getting started. We hope you can be part of our story in the months and years to come!

Diversity & Inclusion!

50% of Women in the Workplace

80% Full-time Retention

4.5-star rating on GlassDoor

Technologies are constantly changing at Rakuna, changes pushed by a cast of amazing individuals from different walks of life, with great aspirations and goals. Rakuna truly values our people.

We commit to creating, sustaining, and infusing diversity and inclusion principles into our hiring, communication, innovation, and how we build products and technologies.

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