22 Recruiting Text Message Examples to Reel in Candidates

In times of rapidly evolving communication technology, it is extra challenging for recruiters to get the attention of their prospective candidates. Job opportunities often get lost in someone’s inbox or even marked as spam.

According to Emissary, emails only get around a 20% open rate. On the contrary, text messages bring about an amazingly high open rate of 95%.

That is to say, SMS recruiting is one of the new game-changers. If you are new to this form of recruitment, let’s start by adopting these tried and true text recruiting templates to win over great talent.

We have put together 22 recruitment messages samples samples for your reference to prepare you for the recruitment race and streamline your strategies. Read on, and start reeling in high-quality candidates!

The Importance Of Text Recruiting

For recruiters who are new to this form of candidate recruitment, let us help you answer the big questions: Why should you consider conducting text recruiting?

By definition, text recruiting uses text messages to form a convenient and stable communication channel between recruiters and their candidates. A recruiter can engage in text communication and recruiting using an SMS provider or text recruiting software. The content of said communication can vary from job opportunity announcement to interview scheduling and other work purposes.


Why does it matter?

The concept of text recruitment is no longer new amongst hiring teams and recruiters. Communicating with candidates via text messages has been widely applied, so much so that candidates who received mobile text notifications rated their experience 50% higher than those without text notifications.

Email is one of the go-to choices for most recruiters to reach potential leads while avoiding the common hurdles of communication. However, with an average of 121 work emails sent to one person every day, there’s a substantial likelihood your email can’t reach the target audience.

With text messages, recruiters can step in and get your point across with the snap of a finger. People are notified right away when they have an unread message, it takes little to no time to reply. Sending individual texts alone is already more convenient. Now you can create bulk SMS campaigns, track hundreds of unique interactions, and much more with your chosen text recruiting tool!

Essential Legal Points

As a recruiter, you should know that many countries in the world have passed their own laws to protect people from receiving text messages against their will.

In the US, the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) eliminates any alleged assumptions and accepts only written consent from customers for businesses to send marketing messages. Similarly, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) protects the privacy of EU citizens from any unexpected marketing messages. Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) works even stricter when compared to their neighbor. Take a look at our detailed guide into each set of laws to create the perfect text recruiting campaign.

For this reason, it is vital for new adopters of SMS recruiting to start with recruiting text message templates that are conscious of these rules to avoid impeding them.

22 Recruitment Messages Samples to Reel in High-Quality Candidates

One of our previous articles has pointed out the most common mistakes that can turn your time with text recruiting into a burden. Let’s give your SMS recruiting strategy another push with 22 SMS templates for different scenarios.

Recruiting Text Message Templates to Contact a New Candidate

First impressions matter even in SMS recruiting. However, you don’t want your first SMS to end up being marked as spam. Let’s keep it concise and to-the-point, while still conveying the message and hooking your candidates.

recruitment messages samples

Hello, (First Name)! This is (Your Name) from (Your Firm). Your resume on (Job Site/Network) looks absolutely amazing. We have an open position within our (Name Of Department). I think you’ll be great for that role. Would you like to have a chat?

Or try

Hello (First Name)! This is (Your Name) from (Your Firm). Your resume on (Job Site/Network) looks absolutely amazing. We have an open position within our (Name Of Department). I think you’ll be great for that role. Would you like to have a chat?

Recruiting Text Message Templates for Screening Questions

The pre-screening round is a quick and efficient way to not only vet your candidates but also to start your conversation and create rapport with your talent.

Here’s a recruiting text message examples to kick off your interview process from the pre-screening round:

Hello (First name)! I’m (recruiter name), a recruiter at (company name). Appreciate your application for the (position name) role. To make things easy for you, our initial step is to gather some information through text. You can respond whenever it suits you during your day. Ready to kick things off?

Recruiting Text Message Templates to schedule an interview

Scheduling an interview with your candidate sometimes takes hours to finish if we go back and forth using emails. It’s time to speed up the process using SMS recruiting. Be sure to make your text messages short and straightforward. You’d want to save lots of time by hitting the nail right on the head!

Step up your game by using recruiting text messages for every step of an interview process, such as scheduling interviews, interview invitations, reminders or rescheduling, interview surveys, follow-up with job offers or rejections, and so much more. You can also consider streamlining the interview process with the help of interview scheduling software. Integration of these solutions can positively change how you work on interview tasks.

If Your Team Still Use Manual Scheduling

text-message-template 2

Hello (First Name) This is (Your Name) from (Your Firm). After our last conversation, we’d love to get to know more about you in an interview. Does (Time and Date) work for you? Let me know if otherwise. Thank you!

If Your Team Is Using Scheduling Solutions Like Rakuna’s Interview Scheduling

Hi (First Name)! It’s (Your Name) from (Your Firm) here. Congratulations on passing (Your Type of Pre-Employment Testing)! Let’s arrange an interview this/next week? Have a look at our available time slots (Link to your schedule) and pick a time that fits you the best! Thank you!

Recruiting Text Message Templates for Interview Confirmation/Invitation

Some recruiters make the common mistake of not confirming the final interview information, thinking the last message upon the day is enough. Always make sure your candidates are fully aware by sending a confirmation or an invitation.

For In-Person Interviews at the Office

Hi (First Name)! It’s (Your Name) from (Your Firm) here. Congratulations on passing (Your Type of Pre-Employment Testing)! Let’s arrange an interview this/next week? Have a look at our available time slots (Link to your schedule) and pick a time that fits you the best! Thank you!

We look forward to meeting you.

For Video Interviews

recruitment messages samples 3

Hello (First Name)! This is the invitation to our interview at (Time) on (Date). The interview will take place online using (meeting link or instructions for your interview software). Please contact this number (Your Phone Number) if you have any concerns. See you soon!

Recruiting Text Message Templates for Interview Reminder

We operate in a busy, constantly moving world, where forgetting one or two appointments is common. Sending a friendly reminder can help avoid regretful situations and make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Hi (First Name)! We are looking forward to meeting you at the interview this afternoon at (Time). Again, here’s how you can get to our office/interview location : (Location Link). Please feel free to reach out by text or call this number if you need any help.

Or try

Hello (First Name)! This is a reminder that our scheduled interview will take place at (Location Link). We hope to see you at (Time) to discuss more. Let me know if you need any support by texting/calling this number. Thank you, and see you soon!

Recruiting Text Message Templates to Reschedule an Interview

Rescheduling meetings and interviews are common in the world of recruiters. But how can we make the rescheduling feel less like a nuisance? Remember to inform your candidate of the situation concisely and suggest an alternative time slot for another interview.

recruitment messages samples 4

Hi (First Name)! Our apologies, but we have to reschedule our interview for tomorrow (A Day/Week). Are you available at (New Time) on (New Date)? If you need further information or reschedule your interview, please call/text this number, and we can find a time to chat.

Or try

Hello (First Name)! Due to (Problem), we have to reschedule our interview tomorrow/next (A Day/Week). Here’s our updated availability calendar. Let me know your preferred options. If you need further information, please call/text this number, and we can find a time to chat.

Recruiting Text Message Templates for Interview Follow-Up

Writing a congratulatory text is easy enough, but what about rejection messages? For a rejection SMS, the message should be both considerate and to the point. However, recruiters can promise to contact them for future opportunities to keep your candidates in the loop and ready for other open positions. A post-interview recruiting text message can also be used for survey purposes, which is essential to better the candidate experience.

Survey Request

Hi (First Name)! This is (Your Name) from (Your Firm). It has been a pleasure to go through an interview with you this (morning/afternoon). We would love to know your personal experience so that we can improve in the future. Please let us know your opinions by filling out this survey: (Candidate Experience Survey Link). Thank you!

Or Try

Hello (First Name), I trust your interview with our team went smoothly today. Are you still keen on progressing with the (job name) role?

Acceptance SMS Template

Hello (First Name)! Congratulations! You have been admitted for the (name of role) role! We are eager to have you as part of our team. An email with further information will be sent to you.

We look forward to hearing your decision on our offer.

Rejection SMS Template

Hi (First Name). It is unfortunate to announce that we cannot proceed with your submission at this time. Thank you for your effort and time. We will keep your information for further consideration for upcoming open positions.

Please let us know if you want otherwise.

Recruiting Text Message Templates To Contact A Candidate In Your Talent Pool

Keeping your passive and prospective candidates updated is an excellent way to enhance your candidate relationship management and keep your talent pool active. Send recruiting text messages about career opportunities to suitable candidates to let them know you care and are ready to help.

The Direct Approach

Hi (First Name)! I’m (Your Name) from (Your Firm). We have just had some new roles opening up in the Department of (Name of the Dept). Would you be interested in finding out more about them? Please let me know. Thank you!

Or try

Hello (First Name)! It’s (Your Name) here from (Your Firm). We have some new roles opening up, and you can review them here : (insert JD link). Please let me know if you’d like further information. Thank you!

Inviting Your Candidates to a Career Fair Is an Excellent Way to Showcase Your Company

Hello (First Name)! This is (Your Name) from (Your Firm). We’re delighted to inform you about our upcoming Career Fair at (Time), on (Date). It will take place at (Venue). We hope to meet up with you to share the currently available roles at our company. Here’s the registration link if you’re interested. See you there!

If the Lead Has Gone Cold

Hey there (First Name), it’s (recruiter name) at (Your Firm). Are you still open to discovering opportunities in (job name)? We’ve got a fantastic new role, and I’d love to fill you in. Let me know your thoughts!

Recruiting Text Message Templates For Career Fair Follow-up

Every attendee you discuss with at your career fair might turn out to be a successful hire. Don’t miss the chance and send an on-point text message to initiate a conversation or even schedule an interview ASAP.

Hi (First Name)! This is (Your Name) from (Your Firm). Thank you for joining us at our Career Fair on (Date). We would love to discuss further details about the position you’ve applied for/showed interest in. Here’s our availability calendar. Please let me know which time works best for you. Thanks!

Recruiting Text Message Templates For Referral Programs

Employee referrals are always a good source of qualified leads. Get your SMS referral programs ready by using these simple yet effective recruiting text message examples.

Let’s Encourage Your Staff With an Invitation Email

recruitment messages samples 5

Hello (First Name)! I’m (Your Name) from (Your Department). I hope you’re enjoying working at (Your Firm). We are having some new roles open in (The Department). If you have any interested friends, please let us know so we can put you in our referral programs. Thank you!

Reach Out to Referral Leads

Hi (First Name)! This is (Your Name) from (Your Firm). A friend of yours, (Friend’s First Name), who is working for our company, has referred you for this opportunity: (insert JD link). Let me know if you would like to schedule a quick chat about the opportunity.

In Conclusion

The nature of the hiring race is ever-changing, and it never ceases to evolve. Adopting text recruitment is a vital step to winning over the best talent for your company. With the text message templates we have put together in this article, we hope you can start reeling in high-quality candidates in no time!

If you wish to learn more about utilizing your text message recruiting strategies, check out this article, which has some helpful tips. To have an insightful view of how a text recruiting solution works, feel free to contact us at Rakuna for an in-depth consultation and demo.

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