Top 3 Best Free Video Interviewing Software to Leverage for Your Recruitment

Do you know as early as 2010, there were already guides on how to conduct a video interview?

Before Covid 19, video interview solutions were already in the process of revolutionizing talent recruiting. This form of candidate interview can cut down recruitment time, logistic costs, and many more…Perfect for busy modern recruiters.

As the pandemic started, more companies in different fields have been going virtual to reach customers and candidates alike in quarantine times. In response, the market for video interview software has received an influx of new products, each tailored for a different need.

With the market flooded with all types of interview software, we at Rakuna hope to give you an overview of some popular free video interviewing software out there to consider.

Free Video Interviewing Software

In this section, we will introduce three of the best free solutions on the market. Before making further monetary investments, you can use these options to get acquainted with online interviews and what these programs can offer.

Zoom – The Covid 19 success story

logo of a video interviewing software: Zoom

Source: eWeek

You might have heard the name “Zoom” as one of the companies that are benefiting from the Covid COVID-19 pandemic. According to FreshWorks, Zoom is providing its service for 58% of Fortune 500 companies. Since the outbreak of Covid 19, 90,000 schools in 20 different countries have used this video conferencing software. In the UK alone, the figure for Zoom’s daily active users reached a new peak of almost 1.7 million users at the end of November 2020. You can seamlessly adopt Zoom into your hiring process thanks to these unique features:

Key Features:

  • High compatibility on any device: whether you are on the phone or using a laptop, all versions of Zoom play well with each other. You can jump in a meeting anywhere, anytime, using any device, and likely encounter little-to-none problems.
  • Screen sharing: Although it might sound simple, not many dedicated video interview software allow you to share your screen with your partner. When you need to demonstrate your skills using your computer, this feature might save your life.
  • Group meeting with ease: using the Free subscription plan, Zoom allows you to host up to 100 participants in a single meeting, which is double that of Skype. You can host up to a max of 1000 people with additional subscriptions.
  • Calendar is available anywhere, anytime: Zoom can sync with your calendar from Gmail, Outlook, Android calendar, or iCalendar. No longer will you have to fumble between multiple applications to manage your meetings; Zoom has got you covered!
  • Integrations and bots to customize your experience: Have a look at Zoom’s bots shop; similar to Google Chrome add-ons, these applications can help you enhance your Zoom experience. From taking transcripts of your calls to managing customers’ (or, in our case, candidate’s relationships).


  • Zoom is an all-rounder, user-friendly platform with a simple UI. And since Zoom is not a dedicated video interview software, its applications are much wider. From candidate onboarding to employee assessment, all are possible with Zoom.
  • According to, Zoom offers very stable performance with low lag time.
  • Zoom can handle a large number of users. Even in the free version, you have up to 100 people in your session with ease.
  • Zoom has a limited free plan. You can experience Zoom for free before deciding whether or not to invest in a paid plan. The free version is only limited in its side and function, so take your time!
  • Even with the free plan, Zoom can host unlimited one-on-one meetings. If you are hosting a group, however, you will be limited to 40 minutes.


  • It can get confusing controlling technical aspects like muting or giving permission to record the meeting; the more people are in a session.
  • Zoom can be expensive. Each of Zoom’s higher features such as bigger webinar, Zoom room, Zoom phone, or cloud recording, are purchasable features. It is easy to get a large bill if you are not mindful of the plan you are paying.
  • Despite having tight security measures, cases of uninvited intrusions dubbed “Zoom bombing” still make headlines on the internet. Although these exploits have been addressed, users should still take care when handling invite links.
  • As Zoom is not a dedicated video interview software, the program lacks some of the more useful features such as AI-supported analytic or skills assessment modules.


4.5 out of 5 by G2.

OutMatch – Jack of All Trade

logo of a video interviewing software: OutMatch

Source: Swapcard

With a large collection of helpful functions, OutMatch connects up to 15% of the US workforce to their potential employers every year. The platform is a trusted service provider for large brands such as 7-Eleven, Colgate, and Adidas. OutMatch is very easy to implement, boasting a respective 8.6 and 8.9 score on G2’s ease of setup and ease of use chart.

Key Features

  • Wide range of utilities: OutMatch offers an impressive collection of functions, some seldom found in free subscription plans. For example, users can have access to AI-assisted analytic charts and the ability to share a candidate’s profile with their colleagues.
  • OutMatch Assessment: with data collected from each interview, this assessment module can introduce “AI-assisted predictive models” to aid HR managers in hiring and training decisions.
  • Culture Analytic: OutMatch can help you gauge the current cultural strength of your company through real-time data and support in identifying its strengths, and weaknesses, how your business’s culture is developing from your specification, and formulate improvement plans. Note: The “Culture Analytic” module will not be part of the free plan.
  • Limited time, unlimited access: Unlike Zoom, you can have full access to OutMatch Assessment and OutMatch Interview, including AI-related functions. However, this access will only be available for 60 days. After the trial period, you can contact the customer service team for pricing details.


  • OutMatch is not limited to the hiring phase. You can use the program to gauge the effectiveness of the candidates’ onboarding process or their ability to fit in with your business’s culture.
  • OutMatch offers an end-to-end automatic solution. From receiving videos to assessing candidates through questions, all can be done automatically by the AI. Simply edit the hiring template and leave it to the AI.


  • When compared with other available software, it is easy to see that a majority of competitors have chosen to have a smaller selection of functions but are more fine-tuned. For example, Both Spark Hire and OutMatch have the function to forward profiles of candidates to your colleagues. However, you are likely to have an easier time using Spark Hire as the software can even forward in bulk with little problem. You are likely to experience fewer lags and no decrease in files’ quality.
  • You have to pick job descriptions for open positions from a library. Although the OutMatch service team does a nice job keeping the list updated, niche companies might still have trouble searching for a specific job description.


4.4 out of 5 by G2.

MyInterview – Solid Baseline, for Free – Forever

logo of a video interviewing software: myInterview

Source: JobAdder

Some people might struggle to remember the name – myInterview. Founded in 2013, myInterview rapidly became the trusted video interview solution for large companies such as Facebook and McDonald’s.

Key features

  • myInterview Intelligence™ suite: this software also has a built-in AI to review received videos. The AI also have subfunctions to support different hiring steps:
  • RoleFit™: The AI is built to read personality traits and soft skills through machine learning; by using data collected from previous interviews.
  • myAI: The AI mimics face-to-face conversations and will make follow-up questions determined by the managers.
  • PhraseID: AI sorting function will help you go through thousands of candidates using predetermined keywords to find the one best suited to your description. The AI scans each interview transcript to find the most common set of keywords to match your specification.
  • Candidates shortlisting: the AI can also help you shortlist your top candidates after assessment and share the shortlist with your team.
  • Marketplace variety: from screening for pets and babysitters to checking insurance claims through video meetings and AI scheduling, myInterview can integrate seamlessly with a large number of marketplaces for talent recruitment.
  • Transcription: the software can generate transcripts for each video. Users can then review or send said transcripts whenever and wherever they want. The AI will analyze transcripts to power its functions such as role-fit assessment.


  • You can have access to enterprise-level software design for free.
  • Simple setup: a straightforward, user-friendly UI and the design of a browser-based software means there is little setup to be done before you can use myInterview.
  • Program functions are very easy to navigate, unlike some other products. Such as OutMatch’s notification function at test completion, which is so hidden that some customers think it does not exist.
  • Transparent pricing: plans and benefits are entirely available on their official site.
  • Similar to Zoom, myInterview has an unlimited-time free version and further subscription plans starting at $29/month.


  • Although the quality of the product is indeed Enterprise-grade, if you are choosing the free version, there are a lot of limitations. You can only post one active job, have two user seats, and an interview capacity of 30 candidates per year.
  • The higher the chosen subscription, the more features you will unlock. Using the free version, you will only have 3 out of 29 utilities available. The famous myInterview Intelligence™ is also not a free feature.


4.7 out of 5 by G2.

Premium Video Interview Solutions

For those who are planning to invest more in online talent recruitment, we would like to offer a few alternate software. Although lacking a free version, these solutions offer much higher quality in design.

HireVue – The Ultimate time saver


Source: Saba Marketplace

Founded in 2004, HireVue is an established name in the market. The solution has an average NPS score of 65 out of 100 and till now, has performed over 17 million online interviews and is still counting. Some of HireVue’s clients are very familiar names such as Unilevel, Kraft Heinz, and Sodexo Group.

Key Features

  • Fast and simple assessment: with HireVue, a single interview session can last less than 20 minutes but with both the interview and skill assessment done. Similar to OutMatch, HireVue’s AI can use the collected data to help highlight potential candidates.
  • A unique form of assessment: aside from the traditional interview and questions, HireVue offers game-based and coding puzzle assessments. All are supported by the software AI and a built-in scoring system.
  • Automated scheduling: AI can work with candidates in picking out a suitable interview date. Less hassle for the business. Managers can set schedule rules for a position, ensuring that candidates will have more freedom and flexibility for both sides.
  • 24/7 technical support: If you run into any problems using HireVue, rest assured that the support team will be able to provide a solution. There are plenty of positive comments praising the professionalism of HireVue’s crew on the G2 and Getapp review sites.


  • If you think myInterview is easy to use, wait till you see HireVue. Available in 30+ languages, the software has been tailored for numerous forms of hiring. HireVue provides solutions for Graduate recruiting, Professional and Casual hiring, or even hiring in the public sector. The key idea for most of HireVue reviews is how easy it is to operate the software!
  • Designed by a team of professional psychologists and data scientists, Hirevue’s innovative assessment solution can give you a deeper perspective of who you are hiring.


  • Not yet integrated with a lot of companies’ applicant tracking systems. If your AST is yet to be integrated or showing signs of incompatibility, we recommend calling the customer service team for support.
  • Lagging of the interface and the submitted videos are still mentioned with high frequency.
  • It can get expensive. The minimum “Software as a service” annual price is $30000 per year.


4.3 out of 5 by G2.

Spark Hire – the Award-Winning Solution


Source: Spark Hire

Highly rated on, Spark Hire is the holder of a diverse collection of awards such as Leader Fall 2020, Best Support Fall 2020, etc. ROI 2020, Most implementable fall 2020; etc. Among Spark Hire’s massive list of clients, you can find names such as the United States Postal Service, Ikea, and Volkswagen.

Key Features

  • Build for teamwork: can set permission, and roles, and make groups for various users. Also can share received interview recordings and information (even in bulk) with little problem and the original quality of the content intact. For candidates, rest assured that you will remain anonymous during the process to eliminate bias elements.
  • Automated scheduling: similar to Zoom, Spark Hire can integrate with Google, iCloud,, Exchange, and Office365 for a streamlined calendar. However, with Spark Hire, you can also create multiple event types and edit them individually. For candidates: employers’ availability will be displayed in your chosen timezone for ease of scheduling.
  • Effective evaluation: Spark Hire can also shortlist your candidate list by giving you a side-by-side view of all candidates applying for a position. You can use the “5 Stars” rating system to help with the process. If you are working in a team, Spark Hire has a discussion feeds function so you and your teammates can discuss a specific hire.
  • Better sorting and keeping track of your candidates: you can create unique tags to help identify videos. Spark Hire can also attach a “rejection reason” to candidates for you to manage.
  • Transparent pricing: for premium solutions, Spark Hire’s G2 and pricing and plans are all available on their website.
  • Free trial available: after creating your Spark Hire account, you have the option to take a 14-day free trial before moving on to a priced plan, starting at $119 per month.


  • Spark Hire is integrated with a large number of ATS. Have a look at their partners
  • Simple design, easy to use by both employers and employees alike. No lengthy setup and configuration is required. Spark Hire has the highest G2 ease of use and ease of setup score at 9.3.
  • Have a large number of tips and support documents for candidates.
  • The interface is highly configurable, i.e. generates an infinite amount of questions, branded intro and outro videos, and customizable color pallets for the landing page.


  • Glitches and bugs can still be encountered, however, expect the support team to quickly fix it.
  • All interviews, no matter the job, are stored in the same tab, you might have difficulties in sorting them out.


4.8 out of 5 by G2.


We understand that it can be overwhelming to hear about all these available features from different vendors. Take your time, and check out the various unique features offered. For premium solutions, you can also request a demo or trial when visiting their websites. Despite all of the pros and cons of each software, one thing is clear all five of the mentioned services will be able to save your business a lot of time and hassle in building your dream team. If you are having problems specifically with scheduling your interviews, you can check out Top 3 Best Free Interview Scheduling Software in this short and comprehensive report from Rakuna.